Richland County Conservation District




Rural water users have expressed concerns about the effects on water supply from oil field activities such as:


The purpose of the baseline sampling program is to establish baseline groundwater quality and availability in advance of oil and gas activity and in areas currently at risk from oil field activities.  The program will characterize well water and aquifers currently used for domestic or stock water. 

How to Participate
Through Richland County Conservation District, domestic and stockwater wells will be evaluated for baseline conditions.  Well selection priority is based on:


Each well selected in this program will be evaluated on-site for field parameters and water availability.  Well samples will be analyzed for drinking water quality and for indicators of contamination specific to energy development activities.

Well sampling and lab fees total approximately $1,200 per well.  Richland County CD requires a match payment of $100.00 and a signed participation agreement from the well-owner for every evaluated well.

If interested in participating in this baseline groundwater sampling program, please contact:


Julie Goss, District Administrator
Richland County Conservation District
2745 W Holly ST ~ Sidney, MT 59270