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Windbreaks, sheer beauty just a few reasons for trees. For those of you looking for trees, the Richland County Conservation District has the answer.

Ordering as soon as possible will ensure the availability of trees. The prices may go up after the initial delivery in April.

A good reason for getting your trees is to help against Mother Nature.

A farmstead windbreak is a planting of trees and shrubs designed to reduce effects of strong winds, control drifting snow, provide wildlife habitat and beautify the landscape.

Windbreaks work by reducing windspeeds, thus modifying the microclimate of the sheltered area. The reduction in wind speed varies with the density and height of the windbreak. In general, the protected area extends 10 times the height of the windbreak on the leeward side and five times the height of the windbreak on the windward side.

The value of a windbreak can be measured in the terms of the benefits you receive. Farmstead windbreaks make the farmstead area a more comfortable place to live and work.

Energy conservation may be increased up to 35 percent. Behind a good windbreak, fruit trees may be sprayed, dusted and pruned with greater control. Windbreaks make very desirable nesting areas, provide protection and supply food sources for birds and other wildlife animals. Well-kept windbreaks enhance the aesthetic value and act as favorable deterrents to loud, low-frequency sounds.

A successful farmstead windbreak depends upon factors within the control of the landowner. Careful planning will help ensure that the planting accomplishes your objectives. During planning, the following activities should be considered: design, arrangememt of rows and spacing; species selection; site preparation; storage and handling of seedlings; planting; weed management; and irrigation. Proper and complete planning will hep with each of these activities.

Planning assistance is available from your local Soil Conservation Service or County Extension Agent.


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