Richland County Conservation District


Cost Share Program

The cost share program provides financial assistance for natural resource improvements within Richland County. The program is available to any private sector landowner on property in Richland County. Projects must be on the ground and follow the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) designs standards and specifications where applicable. Cost share assistance is 50% of the cost recommended on the NRCS cost list and is limited to $50000.00 per year and a cap of $10,000 within a 5 year period. Applications will be ranked and successful applicants will be notified by March 31. All projects must be completed by December 31. If you have received cost share from another public entity in the last 5 years you are not eligible for this program. Practices implemented in the past include stockwater wells and pipelines, fences, grass seeding, buried irrigation lines and shelterbelts. Over $400,000 in conservation practices have been implemented in Richland County since the start of this program in 2011. Deadline for his cost share program is March 7.


Julie Goss, District Administrator
Richland County Conservation District
2745 W Holly ST ~ Sidney, MT 59270